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Thursday, April 12, 2018

'Rejuvenate Naturally' is complete and on

Filled with tips and insights on staying young at an advanced (chronological) age.  Get inspired to have your own long, strong and healthy life.

Here's one insight:
  • Why don't humans live to be 150 years old?  Your cells keep making new cells.  Every cell in your body has been there less than seven years - even if you are 100 years old.   So why do our bodies deteriorate?
There are two main reasons that I know of.
  • As you continue to eat processed foods, breathe in air pollution, have stressful emotions, etc., your telemeres - the caps on each DNA strand - shorten.  When enough of them get short enough, death happens. 
  • We currently have a (human) race consciousness belief that if someone is 100 years old, s/he is really really old and feeble and certainly will die soon.  When we have billions of people who believe that, it’s pretty difficult to actually live a healthy productive life past the age of about 105.  As more of us realize the possibilities and start believing in them, more and more of us will live longer—and very healthy—lives.  And then we cut a pathway for others to follow and soon we will see many healthy productive people living to age 120, then 130 and then even longer.
So, change your habits - following tips and insights in 'Rejuvenate Naturally' - and change your beliefs.  'Rejuvenate Naturally' shows you how to change detrimental beliefs that are holding you back from your long, strong and healthy life through a process I call 'Brain Sync with Affirmation'.

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