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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

'Rejuvenate Naturally'.  When will this book EVER be finished and published?
It IS possible to reverse the aging process.
  believing you can,
  following the energy work ideas in the book,
  do movements and exercise,
  eat the age-reversing foods and STOP EATING the aging foods, such as bread and pasta, and
  rid your environment of EMF pollution (those micro-waves that blast you from you cell phone, etc.)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Although I'm not a poet - AT ALL - this poem popped into my head this morning about my friend, Ralph, who is an energy worker using Matrix Energy and other modalities.  He, his wife Jen and their son, Ben, just welcomed their new little baby, Baden.

 In the heaven realm the four of them met
To determine their next life.
Would they be family -
Maybe husband and wife?

Would one be a daughter
And one be a son?
Would one be a friend,
Would each be a loved one?

They thought and planned
And then came the time.
First Ralph was born
To begin a new lifetime.

Who would be next?
That would be Jen.
Forgetting the plan
About Baden and Ben.

Then everything started to come together.
Ralph and Jen met; then they decided to marry.
Would they live in a city - or buy a dairy?

Of all those plans in the heavenly realm
They didn’t remember a thing
As Ralph slipped on Jen’s finger
the wedding ring.

Happy they were,
Two peas in a pod.
But something was missing
They checked in with God.

They thought, prayed and pondered
And gleefully moved to the Pacific Northwest.
They bought their home out among the trees
And for awhile felt totally blessed.

Oh, the excellent things they had planned
Up there in the heaven land.
Still not remembering a thing.
Ralph with his work, and Jen with the ring on her hand.

Then into their life he came,
Ben, their firstborn son.
So sweet and precious.
Their hearts he won.

Life was blissful
On their land among the trees.
Ralph doing his energy work,
All three eating fresh fruit and goat cheese.

But a yearning grew within all three.
They didn’t feel quite complete.
Something was missing,
Although life was sweet.

Ah, the answer came in the form of Baden.
And now their life was full of fun.
And full of harmony with this new loved one.

Yes, in the heaven realm the four of them had met
To determine their next life.
Would they be family,
Maybe husband and wife?

And now the family was complete.
What will their next adventures be?
Whatever they are, these four are ready,
Because at last they are all together.

By Katie Lawson.  May, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ever Wonder About the Safety of Your Cell Phone?

Is it safe for you to wear your cellphone while turned on?
Is it safe for you to use wifi in your home?
Is there anything outside your home that is blasting you with EMF radiation?

In October, 2016, I was laying on the mat in the golden dome at MUM in Fairfield, Iowa, following my meditation program.  I asked the universe/my higher self/ God “What can I do to shield us from the power pole radiation coming from outside our home?”
Immediately, thoughts came tumbling over each other.
       Google, search the internet.
       Read books on EMF’s.
       You could write a book about it.
       You could help others who are blasted by EMF’s.
       You could be an EMF Consultant.  I had never even heard of such a thing:  An EMF Consultant!
The thoughts continued and my body filled with energy and excitement.
I never stopped feeling joy every time I thought about this.
And on March 11, 2017, I graduated with honors as an EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) expert.  (Go to to verify this.)

After testing the first dozen cellphones with my microwave testing meter, I found all 12 cellphones did the following:
       When talking on the cellphone, instead of the meter reading 10 or less (safe levels) it registered over 100!  And then spiked to over 2,000!
       Most of the cellphones, when turned on, but not being used, also registered over 10 µW/m² (10 microwatts per square meter).  And we put those phones in our pockets!

       When the 12 cellphones were put on ‘airplane mode’, the meter registered a safe level of below 10.
So the bottom line with cell phones is Keep Them Turned Off or Put Them on Airplane Mode whenever you are not on a call.