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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Do You Eat Canned Food?

Choose cans that are BPA-free, if you eat canned food.  I like canned S&W Organic Black Beans.  Written on each can:  'Non-BPA can lining.'  Other BPA-free brands are Eden, Muir Glen, Native Forest, Natural Value and almost all cans at Trader Joe's.  
Or buy food in glass containers.
Interesting article by Dr. Mercola on BPA is at

Thursday, April 12, 2018

'Rejuvenate Naturally' is complete and on

Filled with tips and insights on staying young at an advanced (chronological) age.  Get inspired to have your own long, strong and healthy life.

Here's one insight:
  • Why don't humans live to be 150 years old?  Your cells keep making new cells.  Every cell in your body has been there less than seven years - even if you are 100 years old.   So why do our bodies deteriorate?
There are two main reasons that I know of.
  • As you continue to eat processed foods, breathe in air pollution, have stressful emotions, etc., your telemeres - the caps on each DNA strand - shorten.  When enough of them get short enough, death happens. 
  • We currently have a (human) race consciousness belief that if someone is 100 years old, s/he is really really old and feeble and certainly will die soon.  When we have billions of people who believe that, it’s pretty difficult to actually live a healthy productive life past the age of about 105.  As more of us realize the possibilities and start believing in them, more and more of us will live longer—and very healthy—lives.  And then we cut a pathway for others to follow and soon we will see many healthy productive people living to age 120, then 130 and then even longer.
So, change your habits - following tips and insights in 'Rejuvenate Naturally' - and change your beliefs.  'Rejuvenate Naturally' shows you how to change detrimental beliefs that are holding you back from your long, strong and healthy life through a process I call 'Brain Sync with Affirmation'.

Black Haired Man in White Crew Neck T-shirt\
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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Healthy Elders including Emma in Montana

Healthy Elders.  There are real live people who are vibrant at an advanced age.
In Sept, 2014, my sister and I visited Emma in Missoula, Montana.  Emma lives in a retirement home there.  When we knocked at her apartment, she came to the door and greeted us, wearing her usual:  A dress, shoes and nylon stockings.  I wish my legs looked as good as hers!
I said, “Emma, I’m giving a workshop on rejuvenation, and I would like to know your secret for staying so young.”
“Well”, she said, “you know I’m 102 years old.”  When I nodded, she continued, “I guess you could say my secret is that I associate with young people.  However, I do eat dinner now, in the dining room with others who live here.  They’re all old, you know.  When I started eating in the dining room, I said ‘there will be no talking about aches and pains.  There are lots of interesting things to talk about besides getting old.’  So dwell on the good, not the bad.”
Emma thought for a moment and then added, “I can’t just sit in the parlor here and play tiddlywinks.  I don’t fixate on pills.  I don’t smoke or drink alcohol or coffee.”

On Dec 10th, 2016, she celebrated her 105th birthday, still living in the same apartment.  Emma wanted nothing special on that birthday, but a friend insisted on treating her to dinner.  Knowing her friend liked hot dogs, Emma instructed her, “Go to Dairy Queen.  Buy us each a hot dog and a milk shake and bring them here.  We’ll eat in my apartment.”

Here is Emma at age 106 in April, 2018, with the book 'Rejuvenate Naturally' in her lap.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Lighten Up

Lighten Up
This self-healing process is a great way to give love and attention to your cells.
In the 1990’s, our local Unity Church had an event I couldn’t resist.  A woman named Carol Hansen (Grey) came to Bellingham to speak on a method which includes stroking and loving your body.
Step One:  Do this step only one time.  Remove your clothes, and standing (or sitting) in front of a mirror, tell every part of your body—out loud—that you love it.  (About 10 minutes)
Step Two:  Do this one Every Day.  Do not skip days.  (About 5 minutes or less)
After your shower, or before dressing, or before getting your pajamas on, slather yourself with lotion, as you tell your body you love it.  Feel that love going into your body.
Out loud, say something like “I love you, arms.  Thank you for serving me so well.  I love you, face.  You are beautiful.”  Speak to your body as you stroke it, applying lotion everywhere from your face to your toes.
The little cells throughout your body will revel in the attention and the touch.  And they will respond by balancing and harmonizing the systems of your body.
After a month of doing the Lighten Up technique daily, see what has changed for you.  Everyone is different.  You could be noticing less stress, or a flatter tummy, or some balancing of your weight, or more happiness.
Carol told this story about one of her male students:
I was giving a workshop on ‘Lighten Up’ and mentioned that I no longer craved coffee.  This fellow in class said, with his arms crossed over his chest, “Well, I’m not giving up my coffee!  I get up every morning and I grind my beans and if I had to give up my coffee I don’t know what I’d do.”
He stayed through the whole workshop, then went home and started doing the process each morning after his shower.
About two weeks later on a Saturday, he called me.  “I haven’t had any coffee since Wednesday!” he blared at me through the phone.
“You haven’t?  No headaches?”
“Yes, I have headaches.  I have a headache right now.  But I don’t want any coffee.  I don’t understand it.  I woke up on Wednesday morning and realized I didn’t want coffee.  Do you think it’s that darn lotion I’m spreading on my body every day?”
We all giggled and she explained more.  “Lighten Up is a process of love.  It’s not about depriving yourself; it’s about coming into alignment.”  See, or to obtain the ‘Lighten Up’ CD, go directly to: