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Friday, August 10, 2018

Camercise for better posture and healthier spine

Cam Cameron helped me - and can help you - have a healthier spine which means less pain.  I call his unique exercises 'Camercises'.  In one class at Bellingham Fitness Center he said:
“Put your body into a good posture position:  Shoulders back, rib cage up, tummy tucked in, jaws unclenched.”  (What is your posture right now?)
He continued.  “Our habits keep our hands in front of us—on the computer, cell phone, fork or steering wheel.  From this habit, our shoulders start to hunch forward as does our neck and head.  The result is a skeleton out of alignment.  This misalignment can cause a myriad of physical problems from plantar fasciitis to fatigue to incontinence to dowager's hunch, to frozen shoulder and much more.”

I saw a perfect example of this as I drove home from that class.  A group of teenagers walked together on the sidewalk, probably on a field trip.  Almost all of them were walking with shoulders hunched forward and head down.  Are we headed toward a world with everyone over 30 years old, hunch backed and walking painfully with a cane?
Be one person who fights this trend.  Put your shoulders back, rib cage up, tuck in your tummy and unclench your jaws.  And check out Cam's website Revive-a-Back by going to or emailing Cam at