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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rejuvenate Naturally

I expect Rejuvenate Naturally, Anti-Aging IS Possible will be on by the end of this month, March, 2018.

Have more energy

 Words of Wisdom
The creator of Camercises reminds us of one way to have more energy.
  “Because of habits we've formed over time, most of us slump our shoulders, collapse our abs, tense our jaws, cross our legs.”  (Do you do any of that?)  “To counteract these habits, raise the corners of your lips, soften your tongue, arch your shoulder blades back toward each other and lift your rib cage.  Keep your arms and legs uncrossed.  As you proactively do that several times a day, you'll feel yourself smiling more, having more energy and in the long run, being healthier.”

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Emma, 106 Years Old and Healthy

From Rejuvenate Naturally.  This book is expected to be available by end of March, 2018.
A Healthy Elder.  There are real live people who are vibrant at an advanced age.
In Sept, 2014, my sister, Sharon, and I visited Emma Lommasson in Missoula, Montana.  Emma lives in a retirement home there.  When we knocked at her apartment, she came to the door and greeted us, wearing her usual:  A dress, shoes and nylon stockings.  I wish my legs looked as good as hers!
I said, “Emma, I’m giving a workshop on rejuvenation, and I would like to know your secret for staying so young.”
“Well”, she said, “you know I’m 102 years old.”  When I nodded, she continued, “I guess you could say my secret is that I associate with young people.  However, I do eat dinner now, in the dining room with others who live here.  They’re all old, you know.  When I started eating in the dining room, I said ‘there will be no talking about aches and pains.  There are lots of interesting things to talk about besides getting old.’  So dwell on the good, not the bad.”
Emma thought for a moment and then added, “I can’t just sit in the parlor here and play tiddlywinks.  I don’t fixate on pills.  I don’t smoke or drink alcohol or coffee.”
On Dec 10th, 2016, she celebrated her 105th birthday, still living in the same apartment.  Emma wanted nothing special on that birthday, but a friend insisted on treating her to dinner.  Knowing her friend liked hot dogs, Emma instructed her, “Go to Dairy Queen.  Buy us each a hot dog and a milk shake and bring them here.  We’ll eat in my apartment.”

What you focus on is what you get.
Focus on examples of failure, disease, death.  Or focus on examples of success, such as  Emma, in Part I of Rejuvenate Naturally, who celebrated her 106th birthday on December 10, 2017, stilling living in her retirement apartment in Missoula.