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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ever Wonder About the Safety of Your Cell Phone?

Is it safe for you to wear your cellphone while turned on?
Is it safe for you to use wifi in your home?
Is there anything outside your home that is blasting you with EMF radiation?

In October, 2016, I was laying on the mat in the golden dome at MUM in Fairfield, Iowa, following my meditation program.  I asked the universe/my higher self/ God “What can I do to shield us from the power pole radiation coming from outside our home?”
Immediately, thoughts came tumbling over each other.
       Google, search the internet.
       Read books on EMF’s.
       You could write a book about it.
       You could help others who are blasted by EMF’s.
       You could be an EMF Consultant.  I had never even heard of such a thing:  An EMF Consultant!
The thoughts continued and my body filled with energy and excitement.
I never stopped feeling joy every time I thought about this.
And on March 11, 2017, I graduated with honors as an EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) expert.  (Go to to verify this.)

After testing the first dozen cellphones with my microwave testing meter, I found all 12 cellphones did the following:
       When talking on the cellphone, instead of the meter reading 10 or less (safe levels) it registered over 100!  And then spiked to over 2,000!
       Most of the cellphones, when turned on, but not being used, also registered over 10 µW/m² (10 microwatts per square meter).  And we put those phones in our pockets!

       When the 12 cellphones were put on ‘airplane mode’, the meter registered a safe level of below 10.
So the bottom line with cell phones is Keep Them Turned Off or Put Them on Airplane Mode whenever you are not on a call.