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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Lighten Up

Lighten Up
This self-healing process is a great way to give love and attention to your cells.
In the 1990’s, our local Unity Church had an event I couldn’t resist.  A woman named Carol Hansen (Grey) came to Bellingham to speak on a method which includes stroking and loving your body.
Step One:  Do this step only one time.  Remove your clothes, and standing (or sitting) in front of a mirror, tell every part of your body—out loud—that you love it.  (About 10 minutes)
Step Two:  Do this one Every Day.  Do not skip days.  (About 5 minutes or less)
After your shower, or before dressing, or before getting your pajamas on, slather yourself with lotion, as you tell your body you love it.  Feel that love going into your body.
Out loud, say something like “I love you, arms.  Thank you for serving me so well.  I love you, face.  You are beautiful.”  Speak to your body as you stroke it, applying lotion everywhere from your face to your toes.
The little cells throughout your body will revel in the attention and the touch.  And they will respond by balancing and harmonizing the systems of your body.
After a month of doing the Lighten Up technique daily, see what has changed for you.  Everyone is different.  You could be noticing less stress, or a flatter tummy, or some balancing of your weight, or more happiness.
Carol told this story about one of her male students:
I was giving a workshop on ‘Lighten Up’ and mentioned that I no longer craved coffee.  This fellow in class said, with his arms crossed over his chest, “Well, I’m not giving up my coffee!  I get up every morning and I grind my beans and if I had to give up my coffee I don’t know what I’d do.”
He stayed through the whole workshop, then went home and started doing the process each morning after his shower.
About two weeks later on a Saturday, he called me.  “I haven’t had any coffee since Wednesday!” he blared at me through the phone.
“You haven’t?  No headaches?”
“Yes, I have headaches.  I have a headache right now.  But I don’t want any coffee.  I don’t understand it.  I woke up on Wednesday morning and realized I didn’t want coffee.  Do you think it’s that darn lotion I’m spreading on my body every day?”
We all giggled and she explained more.  “Lighten Up is a process of love.  It’s not about depriving yourself; it’s about coming into alignment.”  See, or to obtain the ‘Lighten Up’ CD, go directly to:

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